Our History:

Alpha Kappa Psi is the world's oldest and largest professional co-ed business fraternity. Founded in 1904 at New York University, Alpha Kappa Psi has a strong presence across the United States and in every corner of the world. Alpha Kappa Psi proudly encompasses over 250,000 brothers worldwide.

Although Alpha Kappa Psi started as an organization to guide business students, it now welcomes individuals from all majors who yearn to embody the values of brotherhood, knowledge, integrity, service, and unity.

The brothers of the Eta Psi chapter are a group of talented and diverse individuals who share a common goal of achieving the highest levels of professionalism in their respective fields of study. The Eta Psi chapter supports and welcomes students from any of Drexel University's 120+ majors.

Our Core Values


We are a family. Mutual trust, respect, and companionship are the foundations for our lifelong friendships. The brothers of Η Ψ  are driven to help and support each other through thick and thin.


Mutual understanding of our fraternity’s goals and our founders’ vision, in collaboration with our shared triumphs and struggles, enables the brothers of Η Ψ  to strive for continual growth and excellence.


Diverse majors, diverse co-ops, and diverse lives. As brothers, we collectively share our diversified knowledge and experiences from all walks of life to enhance each other’s personal and professional endeavors.



Ethical actions speak volumes. The brothers of Η Ψ  embody honesty, ethics, and fairness with every step they take in working towards their ambitions. Professional excellence begins with high standards and loyal intentions.


Bettering Philadelphia and beyond through our youthful vitality, unique talents, and brotherly love is our shared duty. Wherever we end up, our ability to improve communities will enable us to live vibrant, fulfilling lives.


The Eta Psi Chapter

Alpha Kappa Psi was first established in Drexel University on January 13th, 1968 and again re-chartered on June 8, 2008, making it the oldest business organizations on campus. The Eta Psi Chapter is your first step into Alpha Kappa Psi's international brotherhood. Our brothers hail from all majors and backgrounds, producing a uniqueness that extends into our vast alumni network. Some of our numerous activities include sponsoring the Dress for Success event and the annual Freshmen case competition on campus.
One unique aspect of the Eta Psi Chapter is our recognition that professional skills and basic understandings of business fields are essential to a wide variety of careers. From our founding, we have embraced the diversity of Drexel's campus and take pride in the fact that we have brothers from a wide range of backgrounds. 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Eta Psi Chapter, is proud to be supported by the Bennett S. Lebow College of Business.