Class: Iota

How did Alpha Kappa Psi help you to get where you are today?

Constantly testing my capabilities, strengths and challenges so I can analyze how to improve myself

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

"Find the spot where nobody's standing and find a way to make everyone else want to stand there."

Graduation Year: 2016

Current Place of Employment: Freedom Mortgage

Position: Tech Communications Manager - OCIO

What is your job description?

Accountable for all representation points, organization, operation and outreach communication in a 450 person IT organization.

How did you end up in this position, and what made you pursue this particular field/career?

I created and ran the IT Intern/First Flyer Rotation Program, now of which is a team of 50+ people and a close to $4 million budget. I was ready to move on and I talked to the CIO about a need revolving IT representation and accountability and got the funding to start my own team under the "Office of the CIO". Now I'm here.