Class: Lambda

What’s your favorite Alpha Kappa Psi Memory?
To be honest- I can’t pick one, there are just too many.

How did Alpha Kappa Psi help you to get where you are today?
To be completely candid, I don't think I would be where I am today at all if it wasn't for Alpha Kappa Psi. It's not just the professional skills either - it's the soft skills I learned and the people I forged lifetime friendships with. Alpha Kappa Psi made me to want to be a better person. Being around so many intelligent and motivated people was definitely a very positive influence in my life.

Graduation Year: 2016

Current Place of Employment: Thomson Reuters

Position: Client Specialist

What is your job description?

I work on our strategic accounts covering investment banking, asset management, and fixed income clients training them and supporting them on our market data products for their workflows. The job entitlements client relationships, being a consultant, and retaining and growing multi-million dollar books of business.

How did you end up in this position, and what made you pursue this particular field/career?

I came in through a graduate development program in the Financial & Risk division, so I started with 21 other people and after training and rotations, I came into my current role. I did a couple co-ops in health care, but decided I wanted to pursue what I got my degree in, so I took a pivot into the finance world.